Big Brother Blake Testimony



I thought about being a Big Brother for quite a while and finally went to BBBS for the information. I had a mentor when I started in the golf business and learned how important it was to have guidance and support in life.

The great staff at BBBS matched me with a cute little guy. He was shy but lonely and we built a bond over two years through many different activities. He is much happier and outgoing today. Unfortunately his family moved far away but we still keep in touch and have fun when he comes to town.

I was lost when he left but the amazing BBBS staff matched me with the perfect little guy for me. His family was all females and he wanted to experience guy things. Well we have and I have learned as much from him as he has from me. He constantly challenges me in a good way and brings out the best of everyone who comes in contact with him.

The families of both my guys have been very supportive and this gives my littles the confidence to go out and experience life and create great memories. To hear them laugh, sing, and be amazed at life has brought me as much joy as it has them. We always talk of the future and the positive things to look forward to. They have pushed me to use all of my abilities and it has kept me young.

What have my little guys received while being in the program, well—exercise, confidence, patience, great experiences and love.

What have I received while being in the program, well—pride in seeing the progress and happiness they have had in my time with them, and two great relationships that I will cherish forever.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the great help of the BBBS staff, my little’s families, and my own family and friends. I love being a big brother. It is one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

– Big Brother, Blake